DC Newmanverse


Team Name:  DC Newmanverse
Sponsoring Parish/Group/Ministry:  Sacramento Newman
City/Location/Region:  Sacramento

What are you most looking forward to for K Cup?

Since most of our members competed last year, we are eager to compete at K Cup this year.Connect the Trinity is the most enjoyable game we played last year and we’re looking forward to give our best for that game. There is pressure for us this year because we are hosting the event and we will defend our home no matter what. Aside from the games, we just love meeting people who share the same interests just like us which is the main point of establishing K Cup.

What are your strengths as a team? (Endurance? Focus? Biblical trivia knowledge?Ability to name that Pokemon without even looking???)

The strength of our team is we know our team member’s strengths and weaknesses which is a great quality. It gives as an idea of how we are going to strategize every game.

Do you have any ministry events you’d like to promote on our blog?

Newman nights on Wednesday 6:30pm at the Newman Center
Men’s group meet on Mondays 6:30pm at the Newman Center
Hispanohablantes meet on Thursdays 6:30 pm at the Newman Center.

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