Introducing: Super Fun Crew

We are pleased to introduce yet another new team to this year’s Koinonia Cup: Super Fun Crew! Representing Singles for Christ (SFC), one of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC), these young adults come all the way from Sacramento to join us in the festivities and compete for the much sought after cup. As a ministry, they strive to “provide a Christian support environment for single men and women who are in the crossroads of their state of life, choosing between marriage, a religious vocation, or single blessedness.”


It is always exciting when a new group is able to join us, and with a name like Super Fun Crew, one can only imagine all the things super and fun that they are going to bring to the games. They’re team name just sounds like a motley bunch of superheroes with powers that specialize in all things fun! They may not have comic book superpowers but the Super Fun Crew doesn’t need them to compete against the other teams to get to the top.

When it comes to Koinonia Cup, Super Fun Crew is nothing but excited. “We are most excited about being a part of the Koinonia Cup this year!” says Team Captain Marvin. “We may be a rookie team in the Koinonia Cup games, but we expect to contend. We look forward to the friendly competition and being able to fellowship to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.” And that’s the attitude we love to see at Koinonia Cup. But how will they train for the games, you ask?

Captain Marvin tells us, “We really live by our motto of leaving it all up to God.” Their team motto is “Let go and let God”. When it comes to getting ready for the games, they trust God for guidance, but they’re also doing their part to prepare where they can. Captain Marvin continues, “As a rookie team, we don’t really know how to prepare for the games because we don’t know what to expect, however future gatherings will feature a few of the official games so that we can practice and familiarize ourselves with the rules.”

We encourage all teams to do the same kind of preparation. Check out the videos for all the games, look over the rules and practice with your team! It’s the best way to see if anything is confusing or difficult. And there’s still time to ask the Games committee any questions you might have.

When it comes to being the team captain, Marvin says, “At first I thought that being team captain carries a little bit of weight mainly because I don’t want to let the team down, but in the end it’s not about me or about winning. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the fellowship of others.”

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