Introducing: The Aggie Alumnites!

Aggie Alumnites
UC Davis Newman
Captain: Michelle Vella
Vice-Captain: Gaby Gutierrez

What are you most looking forward to for K Cup?
As young adults who graduated from the Davis Newman Center and are on to face the world, we are pumped to show the competition what a little bit of worldly experience can do to get us in shape to beat our fellow competitors. As Koinonia Cup veterans, we are ready to show that work doesn’t age us, but makes us stronger. So competitors, watch out for the Aggie Alumnites!

What are your strengths as a team?
Naturally, we have accumulated a variety of strengths but our biggest being our brains. With 10+ degrees, we are the most qualified in terms of knowledge. Our time at UC Davis has allowed us to be quick thinkers and problem solvers of the world. In addition to the 1000+ hours of labor attributed to Edrick Bondoc, we are not only book smart, but physically capable of taking down the competition. We have acquired so much useful information during our time at UC Davis & at the Newman Center, such as, how many cups of coffee does it take before we pass out to going over the budget to having the greatest swag in the Newman game! We are prepared to show off age is but a number!

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