We know you all wanted more Koinonia!!!

We heard your feedback – some wanted more fellowship opportunities, some teams were wondering if we could provide housing for teams coming from long distances, and so we are proud to announce K-Night, a fellowship opportunity and sleepover hosted by the Newman Catholic Center Sacramento.
This night of Koinonia happening the evening before the Main Event will allow for more Fellowship Opportunities between the Young Adult Groups, and provide an opportunity for teams traveling from long distances to get here earlier and kick back.

So, if you are a part of a Catholic Young Adult Group that is far away, don’t let the distance stop you from registering.

If you’re a team who has already registered, have your captains let our registration team know you are going to join us.

And if you’re a local team, come hang out anyway for some awesome fellowship.

While the details of the event are still being hammered out, you can look forward to food, board games, card games, billiards, ping pong, dancing, movies, confession, adoration, and karaoke to all be available. 

If you are a team planning on sleeping over…

  • Please have your captain make arrangements with the Registration Team, to inform them you are coming
    • Bring sleeping bags and pillows
    • Bring whatever personal toiletries/personal hygiene stuff you will need
    • Dinner will be provided
    • Breakfast will NOT be provided
  • It will still be your team’s responsibility to make it to registration on time to St. John Vianney in Rancho Cordova.

If you are a team/member of a team, and you are planning on just coming over…

  • Still have your captain contact our Registration Team – we want to know how many people/teams participate and will be there for the evening.
  • Space MAY BE LIMITED so if you don’t prearrange with us that you are sleeping over, do not expect for there to be room for you. Let us know in advance.

If you are an individual young adult and you just want to come and share in fellowship…