This year the St. Catherine’s Catholic Youth Ministry returns to Koinonia Cup as Mewtwo & the Gang, and just as you might have guessed, they’re bringing in their Pokemon to compete. Team Captain Mewtwo (aka Neil) says, “We are super excited to play and show our awesome Pokemon that are part of our ministry. This year we have Pokemon competing instead of our trainers! It’ll be Mewtwo, Gengar, Koffing, Nidoking, Cloyster, purple Poliwhirl, and Starmie!”

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Always enthusiastic about dressing to a theme, the Catholic Youth Ministry young adults are excited to be back at Koinonia Cup to compete, this time as purple Pokemon. “We’re excited to be together to play with everyone and our captain, Mewtwo, has psychic powers! He sometimes prefers to talk with his mind. Our co-captain, Gengar, is excited to meet everyone!” says the Gang. We’re not sure if their special abilities will serve to be an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to this year’s games.

Mewtwo and the Gang’s results haven’t been as good as they have hoped in the past, but each year is another chance to show everyone what they’ve got. Maybe their “Pokemon” will be more successful than their trainers have been. The Pokemon say, “We’re super friendly and all have our own competitiveness! We’re competing for Pokemon rights and for fun!”

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The Pokemon and their trainers are hard at work preparing themselves for competing in the Koinonia Cup games. Captain Mewtwo tells us, “We’re having multiple training days with our trainers and we are going to do our best to make sure Holy Spirit gets second again! Those are Pokemon fighting words!” YAY Area 3.0, they are calling you out and declared you their rivals on the field. Every Pokemon trainer needs a rival.

And to all the other teams, Mewtwo and the Gang would like to say, “Be ready! See you all on the battlefield!”

Are you ready? 3 more days.

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