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What do we put for team name?

There aren’t any many guidelines to Team Name selection. However, please practice prudence and select a name that is not offensive in any way. Teams who submit registration forms with sexual, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive team names will be asked to change their team name by the KC Registration Staff.

Keep in mind, your team name will be used throughout the day by registration staff, referees, and emcees. KC Staff reserves the right to abbreviate names when necessary.

What is a team sponsor?

This is a Catholic fellowship event, and thus, each team must be sponsored by a Catholic parish, ministry or organization. Sponsorship does not necessarily mean financial support – this is between the team and sponsor to decide. Some teams raise their own funds in order to pay their own registration fee, and are simply supported by their sponsor by other means – prayer, supplies, high fives, etc.

Can an organization sponsor more than one team?

Definitely. (see below)

How many players per team?

7-10. No exceptions. If you have more than 10 people, you can consider recruiting a few more players and forming a second team.



What is the role of the Team Captain?

Team Captains are the main point of contact between your team and the Koinonia Cup Registration Staff. The Captain and the Co-Captain are the official team representatives for any questions or issues with games- referees, scoring, rules, etc.

What is the role of the Co-Captain?

This person will assist the captain with their duties. They are the second point of contact for the Koinonia Cup Staff in place of or in addition to the team captain. The Co-Captain and Captain are the official team representatives for any questions or issues with games- referees, scoring, rules, etc.

Why do you need my email? Phone Number?

This information is needed for contact purposes only. Your information will not be shared with anyone – unless the Pope says he is trying to get in contact with you.



How old do you have to be to compete on a team?

You have to be 18 years of age or older on October 3, 2015. No exceptions.

Do we have to list all of our players when we register?

No. At time of registration all you need is the information of your Captain and Co-captain. The roster for the team members will be requested by the Koinonia Cup Registration Staff on the day of the event.

Can we replace or add players to our team once we have given the roster?

Once the roster is given on the day of at registration check-in, players cannot be replaced. Each player on the roster will be given a wristband and they will be the only ones allowed to compete. In extreme emergency situations (evaluated by registration staff), replacements will be considered. Up to 2 players can be replaced per team during the day of the event due to injuries, etc.

Does each player really have to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. No waiver, no competing.



How much does it cost to register?

Team Registration fee is $50 + $10 per team member.
(Ex: team with 6 members cost= $110)

How do we pay?

Payment should NOT be sent in with registration. Once you have registered, you will be locked into your registration cost. Registration fee will be due by September 24. KCup Registration staff will organize a meeting date and time for the Captains to pay the fee or can be mailed to KC Registration Staff.



Meals will be provided for each player registered, you will redeem your meal via a wrist band you receive at registration on the day of the event.

What games are we playing?

Check the Koinonia Cup website later in the summer to find a listing of the games that will be played. Each team will be informed when the games and rules have been released.

Where do we check-in day-of? How do we eat? What should we wear?

After your registration, you will be sent a Koinonia Cup Welcoming Package which will have more information about the logistics for the actual event.

What if I have more questions?

For further inquiries, please contact

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