Team Name:  SEARCH

What are you most looking forward to for K Cup?

SEARCH is mostly excited to meet a lot more young adults that share our faith and enjoy the day filled with competitions and chances to worship together

What are your strengths as a team? (Endurance? Focus? Biblical trivia knowledge?Ability to name that Pokemon without even looking???)
Our strengths as a team is our teamwork and ability to think and act quick.

Do you have any ministry events you’d like to promote on our blog?

SEARCH is having their next retreat November 11-13 in the parish Saint Vincent in Vallejo. This retreat is for young adults ages 18-30, come a experience this weekend where you will be able to find yourself, meet more young adults from the dioceses and improve your relationship with  God. This retreat will be in Spanish.

      For more information feel free to contact
         Gemma Ramirez  530) 312-9421
         Citlalli Gonzalez   916)288-7112
         Abraham Diaz      530)417-6763

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