Team Credo


Team Name:  Team Credo
Sponsoring Parish/Group/Ministry:  St. Vincent Ferrer
City/Location/Region:  Vallejo

What are you most looking forward to for K Cup?

We are looking most forward to redeeming ourselves at Connect the Trinity!..lets just say we didn’t do so hot last time. Oh and also we’re looking forward to, not repeating, but 3-peating at a certain award, I think it would be the first back to back to BACK for any award in the history of K-Cup. Kidding aside, we’re definitely looking forward to all the fun games and the competitiveCatholic atmosphere–the fellowship, of course!
What are your strengths as a team? (Endurance? Focus? Biblical trivia knowledge?Ability to name that Pokemon without even looking???)
We can finally put our competitive eating skills to the test! We’ve also got some skill at Pokemon Go, all that swiping should build up some finger strength ready for that burial in the obstacle course! We’ve got team (Holy) spirit , focus, and determination!
Do you have any ministry events you’d like to promote on our blog?
We have a Young Adult Ministry that meets every Thursday in the O’Neil Building at St.Vincent’s at 7:30pm, with the exception of every last Thursday in which we attend Theology onTap at 7pm.

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