Team MMA


Team Name: Team MMA
Sponsoring Parish/Group/Ministry: Holy Spirit Young Adult Ministry
City/Location/Region: Fairfield

What are you most looking forward to for K Cup?

Team MMA is a combination of (some formerly retired) veterans and newbies alike!We’re looking most forward to fellowship with other Young Adults in a friendly competitive atmosphere, and we’re ready most of all to have fun!


What are your strengths as a team? (Endurance? Focus? Biblical trivia knowledge?Ability to name that Pokemon without even looking???)
Our souls echo that of Our Lady’s – We proclaim the greatness of the Lord! We are a killer combo of physical strength, agility, as well as wit, and ability to stay calm during high-pressured situations. We’re competitive, but most of all – open hearted! And the honor of competing under the name of Our Blessed Mother is our greatest strength.We’re channeling her joyful heart as we echo her “Fiat”, trusting that we are under her protection and grace. But don’t let that sweetness fool you, she CRUSHED the head of that serpent! 😉



Do you have any ministry events you’d like to promote on our blog?


We represent the Holy Spirit Young Adults Ministry of Holy Spirit Parish in Fairfield.Our ministry hosts bi-weekly prayer meetings on Fridays (2nd & 4th Fridays) located at 1070 2DN. Texas Street in Fairfield. We also sing twice a month for mass – (1st & 3rd Sundays), and will be hosting our last (for now) Youth Upper Room Experience #16 – a spirit-filled youth retreat forages 13-17 on November 19 & 20.

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