#TeamFeature Run DMC!

As KCup gets closer, check out the teams that will compete in this year’s games!
First off welcome Run DMC!!
What are you most looking forward to for KCup?–>*Whispers* Team chant for the third year…….Just kidding! We are looking forward to having fun competing in the events with our fellow brothers and sisters. We are also looking forward to fellowships as well as forming friendships with other young adults within the diocese. And can I say that this K-Cup this year is going to be CathoLIT? OH YEAH!!!!!!!
What are your strengths as a team?
–>We are pretty much balance as a team in terms of speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength when it comes to the physical games. With knowledge, we do have a diverse spectrum, but hey ten heads are better than one right? We are also a loving community that is almost like a family bond. Many of us are random and have a great sense of humor (hee hee), so almost everytime we laugh and have fun. We also cheer each other on, hence us being too excited and very crazy at times (heh heh). But yes, we cheer and pray on for each other in anything we do and also becoming the best version of ourselves <3
Do you have any ministry events you’d like to promote on our blog?
–>In collaboration with the other ministries within our parish, we host our Youth Mass, which is every first Sunday of the month. Rosary is at 4:30pm, Mass at 5:00pm, Potluck at 6:00pm, and Holy Hour and Adoration at 7:00pm. Anyone that is everyone are welcome to come. Also in collaboration with other ministries in our parish, we also have Second Saturday Social every second Saturday of the month at 6:00pm for anyone who is of youth and young adult. Everyone is welcome to attend as well! Peace! And signing off! God Bless y’all!

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