Teams Select Colors

goukaiger+35It seems like our registration team has been hard at work, because they have collected team colors with such quickness that the website staff has had several posts they had to just scrap because new colors kept getting added to the list. Basically, we now know the team colors for every single one of our registered teams. Having registered first, Team YAY Area! had first dibs, and they’ve decided to go for blood. er go for the color of martyrdom and have claimed the color RED as their own.  Here’s the complete list in order of selection:

  • YAY AREA!– Red
  • Veritas Crew — Yellow
  • The Mighty Ducks– Hunter Green
  • Mewtwo & the Gang– Purple
  • East Bay Saints– White
  • The Sems– Black
  • Team Weak — Maroon
  • CFC-Y Northcoast bulldogs– Reflex Blue
  • Team PHD– Orange
  • SBYag– Navy Blue


Looking at this list, a bunch of interesting things to note.  The returning Champions, Veritas Crew, return with  their unofficial team color from last year, yellow – will it bring them gold again? Now, the Sems decided on black – was this an act of familiarity, will they compete in clerics, or is it an act of corporal mortification competing in the hot September sun? Two teams have gone with shades of red (the aforementioned YAY AREA! and year one champs Team Weak), while we’ve got two teams in shades of blue (CFC – Y Northcoast Bulldogs and SBYag) – will there be any strategic color collaboration, or is it going to be every color for themselves? Not surprising, the East Bay Saints snag the purest and holiest color, White, while Team pHd hailing from San Francisco dons the color of their beloved baseball team – will this color choice lead them to start strong, and then halfway through take a turn for the worst? The Mighty Ducks have been hunting for Gold since year number one, and they continue that hunt this year rocking Hunter Green. Mewtwo and the Gang go with purple, hopefully this color doesn’t cause them to run a Muk. On that note, I’m not gonna Raichu any other jokes for this ridiculous article.

Okay, go ahead and start buying your team accessories.

Lastly, if there are any teams still looking to register, do it soon, because color options are starting to run out. We still have Brown, Lavender, Lime Green, Grey and a few others. Register soon. Only a few weeks left.

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