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Koinonia Cup is a one-day fellowship event for young adult groups. Throughout the day, groups will participate in a series of competitive games, eventually leading to the crowning of a team as the winner of the Koinonia Cup. The day will also include Mass, vendors, exhibits, praise and worship, Adoration & Benediction, and so on.

Koinonia Cup is open to those who want to participate in the festivities without competing in the events – whether they want to cheer a certain team on or they just want to share in prayer, fellowship, and fun, the general public is welcome.

Koinonia (κοινωνία) is the Greek word for fellowship.

This project is a direct response to Bishop Jaime Soto’s  strategic plan released in 2011. In the section covering Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Bishop Soto says that “young adult ministry requires an investment of time and resources.” He continues saying that opportunities are needed for “fellowship so that young people can learn to be good disciples of Christ and faithful companions with one another on their common journey of faith.”

So, in the year 2011, a group of young adults from various ministries started collaborating on a way to provide this opportunity – Koinonia Cup is the fruit of that collaboration, and the first annual Koinonia Cup happened on Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ SPSV in Vallejo.

Check back soon for details regarding Koinonia Cup 2019.

What to Expect?

Young adults will have the opportunity to share in fellowship with other young adults from other parishes and ministries, as well as foster relationships and networking between said ministries. It also gives young adult groups an opportunity to recruit new members to participate in this event.

Beginning and ending with prayer, Koinonia Cup is an event that allows for young adults to strengthen their faith and enter into a deeper sense of koinonia.

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